Best and Worst of Laundry

If you are doing laundry yourself, you owe it yourself to to treat your clothes wit the best care possible.

As for consumer reports, here is the list of best and worst laundry detergents.

Top Conventional Brands, for standard top-loading washers:

1. Wisk Deep Clean, liquid

2. Tide Plus Bleach Alternative Vivid White + Bright, liquid

3. Tide for Cold Water, liquid

4. Cheer Stay Colorful for Darks, liquid

5. Tide Ultra Free & Gentle, powder

6. Tide TotalCare, liquid

7. Gain Icy Fresh Fizz Oxi Boost 2-in-1 FreshLock, liquid

Top High-Efficiency Brands, for front-loading or high-efficiency top-loading washers

1. Tide Ultra Plus Bleach Vivid White + Bright, powder

2. Wisk Deep Clean Free & Pure, liquid

3. Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Pacs (Costco), pods/packs

4. Tide Ultra HE, powder

5. Tide HE Plus Bleach Alternative Vivid White + Bright, liquid

6. Kirkland Signature Ultra (Costco), powder

7. Tide Pods, pods/packs

Courtesy: ABC News

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